Ms Seow

Recently I bought many boxes of your masks (including 10 boxes of the SG55 limited edition) and I share out some for my family and friends. All of them find your mask very comfortable as compared to other brands. And we all love your Sakura limited edition masks cos its so unique and outstanding.

Joe T

High quality, secured and comfortable mask. Designed to fit snugly to the contours of our face, supplemented with soft elastic ear hooks, ensuring long lasting comfort for users throughout its usage. A good Singapore brand and product!

Mr Tan

Mask is very comfortable and easy to breathe. Does not give out any weird smell. Comfortable for long wearing and price friendly.

Mdm Chia

Overall the mask material is softer as compared to the rest. Most impt I dun feel so stuffy.


Very comfortable, and light weight. One of the great quality masks available out there.

Ms K.Y.

I m enjoy the mask factory tour and satisfied with the quality of the mask.

Ms Tang

One of the most comfortable masks I’ve ever worn! Its all-white colour is lightly texturised, which definitely makes it more chic than the usual flimsy mask.

Mr A Yew

The masks are well constructed and comfortable, the fit is great and i appreciate the way the masks and its packaging are well designed. It holds up well to 4 hours of usage.


Ordered the adult sized limited edition Sakura frost. Great quality, nice design and fast delivery. Masks were very comfortable and fit well too. Good buy!


So comfortable! I can’t breathe with other brands of disposable/ surgical masks. I have to make sure I see the logo “The Masks Fellows” on my masks before wearing them… One day, I couldn’t breathe with a surgical mask on. Upon checking, it’s not from TMF. I changed immediately to my mask from TMF and felt so much better…No more breakouts or ‘Maskne’ – would consider wearing TMF masks even post covid! I like them individually packed so I can bring them along out and about without worrying my masks would get dirty or contaminated…As an adult with a small face, the kiddo face can fit me perfectly – most importantly, I know that I am safe and protected.

Mdm Ang S.E

Mask material is very smooth and breathable. There is no stench from the fabric. Totally fits very well to my face and allow me to speak comfortably and audibly. Always smell fresh air in and out…After using it I will not chose other mask cos you can definitely feel the great difference and will love it and recommend to my friends. It’s also reliable, safe and worth its price.


I have tried a few different brands of surgical masks out there, but usually they have a weird musky smell or feel powdery. The surgical masks from The Mask Fellows is extremely breathable and does not have any odour. I don’t even get acne or pimple issues when I wear it for long hours. Highly recommended!

MZ Tan

Mask is very comfortable, and easy to breathe. Does not give out any weird smell. Comfortable for long wearing and price friendly​


I like the mask as it is my favourite color, Lilac and it fit my smaller face. It fits perfectly without feeling tight. I highly recommend it.


Beautiful mask and easy to use. Can work with office facial recognition system.

Mr Ye

The package was delivered timely and quickly! Each pack looked sleek, clean and presentable. I personally find the red mask holder to be extremely useful, and I always keep it in my sling bag whenever I go out for meals (and it can stand!). I also ordered for my clients! Support local! Thanks The Masks Fellows for helping to protect Singapore! 🙂


The masks by The Mask Fellows wear comfortably on the face. The material is breathable, and contours well on the face as compared to other surgical masks I’ve tried. The price is very reasonable for good quality masks. After trying out some samples, I actually bought more boxes for my family members and myself. #supportlocal​

Mr V. Tan

I LOVE these masks from The Mask Fellows. They are large enough to cover my mouth and nose without being too tight. The masks are made of good quality, breathable and best part is they are made in Singapore!.